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This is the place where your journey to health and happiness starts. I am here to listen, offer my support and guide you along the way.

The tools I am using will help with 
stress and anxiety relief ,
improve mental health, 
loose weight ,
boost immunity ,
improve balance, body strength and posture. 



Daniela Platon 

"I loved every minute of my yoga classes with Elena! She is relaxed, down to earth, welcoming, and she brings a deep focus on technique. At the end of the class I feel like I really worked out, but at the same time I feel very relaxed. Elena pays individual attention to everyone in the class, and will help you correct your pose to get that extra boost without hurting yourself. I highly recommend her"

"Excellent experience, very clear instructions from beginning to end all while creating a very comfortable atmosphere to be in. Would highly recommend!."

Lacramioara Merlan 

"I had a chance to take a Yoga course with Elena, who teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. In addition she is involved in my weight loss process and her personalised advice helps me get through with positive results
If you really want to restore your mind, body and spiritual connection I highly recommend Elena to guide you on this journey"

Lily Butler 

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Elena Verman 

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